Home Workouts with XS – 5 Exercises for Strong Back Muscles

Sitting or standing for long hours can take a toll on your back. But if your job demands it, what can you do to avoid or relieve back pain at the end of a long day? The secret is a strong core and even stronger back muscles. Here, Ken Yee from XS Force shows us how to strengthen them.

All you need is an exercise mat, a long towel, large water bottles and weighted bags of a strong durable material (Ken chose to weigh down ARTISTRY Canvas Tote Bags using 4kg water bottles and 1kg tubs of XS Mixed Whey Protein With Chocolate Flavour. Please tie the bags securely so that whatever you put in them will not slide around and throw off your balance.

Beginners should always start with light weights to avoid injury. Women should start with weights between 2.5kg to 4kg, while men should start with weights between 4kg to 5kg, and increase weight as you get stronger. You need to be able to perform 10 to 12 reps using your chosen weights with good form. If you find yourself struggling, go with lighter weights. If you are able to perform 12 to 15 reps with proper form, then it is time to increase weight. Aim to increase 0.5kg to 1kg every two to three weeks, paying close attention to how your body responds. Do not strain yourself. Remember, it's not a race!

Before you start, be sure to warm-up properly from head to toe. Take your time and do not rush – this is important in order to prevent injury. Pay close attention to how your body responds and stop if anything hurts.

Always consult your doctor before attempting any exercise. For those with pre-existing back problems or medical conditions such as slipped discs, it is very important that you always consult your personal doctor/advisor prior to doing any heavy lifting.  

Lastly, cool down when you are done.






Do 2 to 3 sets of 10 reps for each of the following exercises. Rest for 30 seconds between sets. During your workout, remember to always keep your back straight and don’t move your head forward.

  1. Prone Pulls
  2. Reverse Flies
  3. Lower Back Extensions
  4. Bent-Over Rows
  5. Deadlifts


And you’re done! After your cool down routine, drink XS Mixed Whey Protein With Chocolate Flavour to help your muscles recover and grow. Its blend of branched chain amino acids (BCAA), chia seed powder, spirulina powder and 30g of protein per serving makes it a nutritious and delicious choice.

Maintain your body’s overall health and strength with a nutritious diet, which will also help prevent excess weight gain and maintain weight loss. Besides improving overall physical and mental health, this will also provide energy for workouts.

Eat regularly on time and get your nutrients from all the major food groups. Want more? Simply add supplements to your daily regime to fill any remaining nutritional gaps.

Start your healthy eating journey now! Read our nutrition and wellness articles here for delicious and easy ideas.