Why eSpring Water Is Safe For Your Baby

Few things can bring a parent as much joy as watching their little ones progress from one stage of life to the next. Take, for instance, the day an infant passes the six-month mark and the eager parents are informed by their paediatrician that their healthy, bouncy baby is finally ready for solid food – hooray!

Out comes the food processor along with an array of fruits and vegetables – and the fun begins! Bananas or apples are usually recommended for the first introduction to solids, softly mashed till they are gentle enough for tender gums and easy to swallow.

It is definitely fun to watch.

From the moment you first hold up a spoon before your baby’s widened eyes to the moment they cautiously lick at the mushy offering with a tiny pink tongue, the way their faces contort in surprise and how they giggle with delight. Of course, there will inevitably be a mess for Mummy and Daddy to clean up later but still, what a memory to cherish forever.

Because babies have typically known only one flavour for the first six months of their life, many parents smoothen the transition by adding either breast milk, baby formula or purified water to the blend. Now, here is where caution must be taken:

Be sure to use only purified water for babies.

By the time he or she is six months old, a baby is ready to be given small amounts of water. However, it is important to use purified water to ensure that it is safe from contaminants and least likely to harm an infant’s sensitive and still-developing digestive system.

Even before they reach this stage, a baby’s powdered formula also needs to be mixed with water. Therefore, easy access to clean and safe filtered water is essential, particularly for mothers who are unable to breastfeed.

How safe is your tap water?

In some areas, tap water is contaminated by old lead pipes. The resulting lead exposure is dangerous for growing babies and can also affect breastfeeding mothers.

While lead piping is gradually being replaced in most places, water testing typically focuses on microbes, rather than high levels of heavy metals. Therefore, it is especially important to install a water filter that can effectively remove heavy metals such as lead and mercury.

Get baby-safe water with eSpring

The award-winning eSpring Water Treatment System can provide clean and safe drinking water that can be mixed with baby formula and baby cereal as well as added to purees or used to dilute juices. Home-cooked meals also taste so much better using its purified water. Best of all, it is easy to use, which makes staying hydrated simpler and safer for the whole family.

Made of coconut shell-based activated carbon, its advanced Carbon Filter effectively filters more than 140 impurities while retaining beneficial minerals such as magnesium and calcium. At the same time, its UV Lamp destroys up to 99.99% of bacteria and viruses for clean and crystal clear mineralised water.

Discover more benefits of the eSpring Water Treatment System here.


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