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140 And More Reasons To Change To Filtered Drinking Water Today

Many people choose to start a New Year by resolving to live healthier. Yet, one aspect that many people commonly overlook is the health and safety of their drinking water. However, clean water is vital not just for drinking but also for cooking.

How sure are you that your drinking water is clean and safe? Perhaps the most foolproof way to ensure this is to install a water treatment system at home, giving yourself and your loved ones easy access to crystal-clear filtered drinking water free from impurities and unpleasant odour.

Looking for more reasons to filter your home drinking water? How about more than 140?

That’s right – more than 140.

Let’s start with these: 

•    Lead 

•    Mercury 

•    Asbestos 

•    Radon 

•    Radon decay products 

•    Over 30 pesticides 

•    Vinyl chloride 

•    MTBE (a gasoline additive) 

•    13 disinfection by-products, including THMs, which are potential byproducts generated from using chlorine to disinfect water 

•    Suspected carcinogens that may exist in drinking water 

•    Over 20 endocrine disrupters 

This is just a partial list of the contaminants that might be found in your drinking water after it leaves your water treatment facility. 

“Contamination of water can come from a variety of sources including industry, agriculture and nature,” said Rob Missman, Water Filtration Engineer at Amway. “The drinking water distribution system – including corroded pipes, rooftop reservoirs, and even in-home plumbing components – can be potential sources as well. 

“This isn’t intended to scare people about their water quality, but to make them aware of the opportunities for contamination and the benefit of having a water treatment solution in your home.”

Point-of-use water filters act as a final barrier between those contaminants and your drinking water. There are several different types of filters available offering different levels of performance. Decisions, decisions – however will you choose?

The eSpring Water Treatment Systemeffectively reduces more than 140 potential health-affect contaminants, but it leaves in beneficial minerals and nutrients like calcium, magnesium and fluoride. How is all this possible?

It’s all thanks to the advanced Carbon Filter, which is made of coconut shell-based activated carbon for optimum filtering. Besides that, its UV Lamp destroys up to 99.99% of bacteria and viruses for crystalline mineralised water that is as pure, clean and safe as it looks.

Worried about installation and maintenance? Don’t worry – eSpring is not just easy to use but also easy to install and maintain. Just be sure toreplace the cartridge and change worn-out parts when necessary for optimum effectiveness and hygiene. Take care of your eSpring and it will take care of you for years to come.

So, if you want to protect your family’s health, and have cleaner, safer water, then choose the eSpring Water Treatment System for your home! Available at Amway.my