5 Beauty Tips for Plumper Lips

Be it a glossy pink, rich red, or gentle nude shade, lipsticks are a staple in every makeup kit – and with events back on track everywhere, there’s no better time than now to flaunt your smile decked out in a favourite lipstick shade.

Grab attention and try these 5 beauty tips for achieving luscious, hydrated and plump lips that anyone would be jealous of.


Having your face covered by a mask for most of your time outdoors can break some habits you might have formed pre-COVID — such as using lip balms and gloss. It’s more than just an aesthetic choice to pick up a tube of lip balm from your local makeup store or pharmacy, it’s a necessity!

Avoid chapped and cracked lips by keeping them moisturised. Just like your skin, your lips greatly benefit from nourishing botanical oils, butters and waxes. Vitamin E oil, for example, is great for creating a protective layer while nourishing your lips.


Yes, even your lips need a good scrubbing once in a while!

Exfoliating your lips with a natural sugar scrub helps loosen the dry, chapped top layer. You can even make your own lip exfoliating scrub at home! Just combine coconut oil and brown sugar to give your lips a luscious new look.


Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

The basis of overall wellness is set upon how much water you drink in a day. Not only does drinking enough water detoxify your body, but it keeps your skin and lips hydrated. Studies have shown an improvement in dermal thickness with adequate hydration, so be sure to grab your 8 glasses of water a day!

Essential oils

Essential oils aren’t just great for an aromatherapy massage, they also offer some benefits for your skin and lips, too. Oils like cinnamon and peppermint provide your lips with a natural lip plumping solution. Peppermint oil is especially known to stimulate the lips and improve blood circulation, which gives your lips a naturally plump appearance.

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