6 Healthy Fasting Tips with Nutrilite

Nasi himpit and kuah kacang. Roti John and murtabak daging. Lemang and rendang. Are we making you hungry during the fasting month? Sorry, we don’t mean to, but temptations will be stronger to resist – especially during this period.

But hey! Don’t worry. We have you covered! Each of the tips below drives home the point that beauty and good nutrition goes hand in hand. We want you to both feel and look amazing. Take protein for plumpy and glowing skin, quench your thirst with PhytoPOWDER although we know you’re craving a tall glass of sirap bandung and keep your body well-energised and rested for the Raya festivities next month – hopefully by following our tips!

1. Pack Your Protein

Nutrilite Soy Protein Drink

Give your body the protein and amino acids it needs for healthy hair, skin and nails with the Soy Protein Drink! Choose from 4 delicious flavours that are great for energy levels, muscle growth and helping your body repair and maintain itself. It is also suitable for vegetarians and is low in fat and cholesterol. Add a scoop or two to your drinks during sahur or make a meal with it when you berbuka

2. Stay Fuller for Longer

Dates keep you fuller for longer

Keep your daily momentum going by consuming Vergold Exotic Arabian Dates with Almond. Not only are they nutritious, it is filled with fibre which keeps your gut healthy and staves off hunger pangs. Need a drink to wash it down? Choose from 3 flavours of the PhytoPOWDER drink which comes packed with vitamin B and C. Keeps you hydrated and keep your energy up as well!

Also, did you know that the average adult needs 20g – 30g of fibre, daily. During the fasting month, due to not consuming much food, you may very well have bowel movement issues. If you’re not getting enough fibre, take our Mixed Fiber Powder to fire up your diet with fibre.

3. Don’t Skip Sahur

Nutrilite DOUBLE X

It’s easy to hit the snooze on the alarm button and skip sahur but you’re gonna get really hangry mid-day while you wait to break fast. Avoid this by filling up your plate with fruits and vegetables and by taking your DOUBLE X which comes with 12 vitamins, 9 minerals and 17 signature phytonutrient-rich plant concentrates*.

MAL06051375X | MAL06061351X | MAL05121306T

*12 active plant concentrates from plant concentrate tablets + 4 excipient plant concentrates from multimineral tablets + 1 active plant concentrate from multivitamin tablet.

4. Exercise

Exercise and get your stretches done

Just because you’re not eating during the day doesn’t mean you should neglect your exercise routine (10-minute stretches or some yoga?). Grab a BodyKey Meal Replacement Shake to close nutritional gaps and supplement your body well upon breaking fast. Just mix it with skim or soymilk and enjoy; it’s free from artificial flavours and sweeteners. Available in Chocolate, Vanilla and Café Au Lait flavours. Note: add-on the Cal Mag D Plus for strong and healthy bone development too.


5. Watch your Cholesterol

Nutrilite Salmon Omega Complex

We’ll refrain from mentioning more food items just so that you don’t salivate while reading this article so, keep your cholesterol levels low with Salmon Omega Complex. Crafted from salmon harvested from sustainable fisheries in Norway, along with a blend of anchovies and sardines, get your essential omega-3 fatty acids for good health.


6. Catch Your ZZZ

Get enough sleep for better days

The average adult needs between 7 and 9 hours of sleep. Get adequate rest to perform your best and tackle the days ahead!

As you fast, we hope these tips prove to be useful in the days leading to Raya!