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Gut Health Reboot: Nurturing Your Microbiome After Weight Loss

Having kickstarted his weight loss journey thanks to the XS IGNITE Blood Orange Fruit Drink Base With Isomaltulose & L-Glutamine and the science of thermogenesis, Mikail was well on his way to better overall health. He saw great results after exercising regularly and eating a balanced diet – but today he was about to learn even more from his personal trainer, Lina.

“You know, Mikail,” said Lina, at the end of their gym session, “I’ve been thinking about what you told me the other day.”

“What was that?” asked Mikhail, zipping up his duffel bag and reaching for a can of XS Energy Drink.

“You told me that when you were overweight, you were also concerned by other health issues like frequent stomach aches, fatigue, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea and heartburn.”

“That’s right. I hated it because it really slowed me down each day. As a father of two young children, I need to be in tip top condition to keep up with my little ones.”

Lina nodded. “What you described are all signs of an unhealthy gut.”

“Well, my gut certainly didn’t look healthy,” he sighed.  

“It’s not just your appearance you have to worry about – a healthy gut is also important to help regulate cholesterol levels, and your last check-up showed that your cholesterol level is high.”

“Yes, I remember – that was when my dietitian advised me to eat more foods with probiotics to support my body’s good bacteria.”

“I was just about to suggest that. Balancing the good and bad bacteria in your gut microbiome will do wonders for your health. Be sure to eat plenty of gut-friendly foods like fresh vegetables, fermented vegetables, lean meats and healthy fats, and cut out processed foods and snacks that are high in sugar or salt, as well as simple carbohydrates.”

“Good thing I’ve already started that,” Mikail smiled. “My kids enjoy snacking on vegetables too.”

“That’s great! Fibre is crucial to help maintain gut health, which is why I myself take the Nutrilite Mixed Fiber Powder daily. It contains a unique blend of soluble fibres including inulin, resistant maltodextrin and guar gum to relieve constipation and normalise bowel movements.”

“You can also take the Nutrilite Botanical Beverage Mix Chicory Root Extract With Probiotics, which contains 6.3 billion beneficial bacteria (Colony Forming Units) per serving stick to help balance and maintain gut microbiomes.”

“Hmm, I’m starting to think a health bundle would be a great idea here,” Mikail said.

Lina laughed. “I did tell you to get the upgraded BodyKey Jump Start Kit ages ago! It’s a personalised weight management programme that meets your body’s nutritional needs, focusing on gut health, a balanced diet, supplementation and exercise. You also get the tools and daily nutrients you need to help with overall weight management, including specially selected Nutrilite probiotics and fibre supplements to support gut health.”

“Okay, I like the sound of that.”

“Of course, there’s also the BodyKey Start-Up Pack (Gut Reset Edition) that many of my clients like too. It’s a 30-day targeted solution that resets and rebalances your gut health with probiotics and fibre powder, a nutritionally balanced diet and Nutrilite supplements that support overall well-being.”

“Awesome – looks like it’s time for us to go shopping again…”

“Yes, let’s go! Oh, and by the way, Happy Father’s Day!”

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