Probiotic Combos That Power Up Your Day


The benefits of protein and probiotics have been widely discussed. It’s no secret that both provide your body with a great boost to its natural functions in different ways. When it comes to protein and probiotics, the pros to consuming these products is pretty clear. But what about taking them together?


As we’ve discussed previously, protein offers a myriad of benefits to even the most sedentary lifestyle. As the building block of our cells, having the right amount of protein in our diets ensures that our bodies stay in shape, whether to take on a session at the gym or a round of meetings.

While protein sets the foundation needed for gut repairs, probiotics improve nutrient absorption and gut health in our bodies. As such, it improves the breakdown and absorption of protein, ensuring that our cells make the most out of every serving of protein consumed.


We often hear about probiotics being primarily helpful with gut health, but did you know that probiotics may also aid in weight loss? This is done in several ways:

  • Some strains of probiotics contain properties that prevent the absorption of dietary fat in the intestine.
  • Probiotics are also great for satiety; meaning you feel fuller faster and stay full longer. Similar to protein, it keeps you from feeling the urge to munch and aids in fat burning.

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Natural probiotics can be found in food like yoghurt, milk, and many fermented foods such as kimchi, pickled vegetables and kefir. However, for busy bees with packed schedules, it can be difficult to find time to cook or prepare these meals for yourself. The Nutrilite Botanical Beverage Mix Chicory Root Extract with Probiotics provides you with a quick and easy solution for your everyday gut health. Just tear, pour and go!

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Children can have peculiar eating habits and ensuring that they're getting the right vitamins and minerals for their immunity and gut health is important. The Nutrilite Kids 4-In-1 Plus provides your child with the protection they need from viruses, germs and bacteria with an easy-melt, delicious acerola-flavoured stick pack. Each stick pack contains vitamin C, vitamin D3, Zinc and 1 billion CFU/G probiotics.

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Looking for a yummy solution for your little one to make sure they’re getting all of their vitamins and minerals? Try out the Nutrilite Soy Protein Drink and Nutrilite Kids 4-in-1 Plus. This combo provides children with a balanced quantity of protein, probiotics, as well as other essential nutrients they need to grow and thrive.

An enriching source of protein, fibre, and essential amino acids, kids will love the delicious taste of flavours like Mixed Berries, Chocolate or Green Tea to pair with the fruity taste of acerola cherry of Nutrilite Kids 4-in-1 Plus.

You might be asking -- what do the other vitamins have to do with gut health?

  • Vitamin D for Digestive Health! Vitamin D helps alleviate symptoms of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and improves calcium absorption
  • Zinc is important for producing digestive enzymes

That’s not all that these vitamins and minerals can do for you, and these aren’t the only ways you can improve your gut health! Find out more about why you should Go With Your Gut here!


Protein and probiotics aren’t the only things that your body needs for gut health. Vitamin C also plays a super important role in nutrient absorption! More known for its great boost in immunity, vitamin C can also be a great benefit to your gut health! Vitamin C's antioxidant properties improve digestion and reduce inflammation.

Aside from its great benefits as an immunity booster, vitamin C is also good for promoting healthy bones, teeth and gums. Take your Protein + Vitamin C = Double the Protection!

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The Nutrilite Bio C Plus All Day Formula provides you with 500mg of vitamin C per tablet, loading up on the goodness of acerola cherries and citrus bioflavonoids.

As we begin our 2022 journey, we must remain vigilant in our fight against COVID-19. Suit up and arm your immune system with all the necessary fortifications it needs so you can celebrate the new year in style!