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Build Your Business with the NEW and EXCITING Amway Loyalty Programme (ALP) | Nutrilite, XS and ARTISTRY

With Amway Loyalty Programme (ALP), you can order your favourite Nutrilite, selected XS and selected ARTISTRY products for six (6) consecutive months to enjoy great value, free delivery, rewards and even more benefits!

From 1 May 2024 onwards, we are proud to present to you two (2) new and exciting plans to help you scale your Amway business to greater heights.

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Our latest initiative is designed to revolutionise your business landscape. Tailored with your success in mind, the new plans promise to be game changers, empowering you with the flexibility to build solutions based on your customers’ needs and budget, and help them meet their health and wellbeing goals.

Need help recommending different health solutions for Build-Your-Own (BYO) Plans? Click here.

For more information on this exciting programme, along with the full terms and conditions and FAQs, click here or read our eLeaflet!

Sounds interesting! But how will ALP help scale my Amway business?

Sustainable Customers

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Building a loyal customer base is the cornerstone of any thriving business. With ALP, you can secure a steady stream of committed customers with whom you can engage with on a recurring basis. Say goodbye to the uncertainty of having to determine if your customers will make repeat purchases every month!

Guaranteed Monthly Orders

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Consistency is key, and the ALP guarantees just that. By offering your customers the convenience of regular deliveries through subscription, you'll lock in monthly orders like never before.

This predictable influx of orders will free up your time, allowing you to allocate your resources more efficiently to grow your Amway business – more time and resources to build upon different product categories within Amway, and beyond your business’ core category!

Business Network Expansion Via New Prospects

Expanding your business network is essential for sustained growth, and the new ALP plans facilitate precisely that. By attracting new prospects through the allure of exciting benefits (i.e. attractive eCoupons), you will broaden your customer base and get the opportunity to explore previously untapped markets.

Plus, with Health Screening Pass (HSP)*, your customers get to track their health improved as well!

Health Screening Pass (HSP).jpg

*Eligible for Build-Your-Own (BYO) Solution Plans, and valid for Malaysian ABOs & APCs only.

The Result? Positive Business Growth!

Ultimately, the success of any business endeavour is measured by its impact on the bottom line. ALP is engineered to catalyse positive business growth across all fronts.

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From increased revenue streams and enhanced customer retention to improved operational efficiency, the benefits are manifold. With ALP as your strategic ally, you will emerge stronger and more resilient than ever before.

Click here to learn more.

Need more info?

  • For ABOs, discuss with your upline on how to best incorporate ALP into your Amway business strategy
  • For APCs and non-ABOs, contact your servicing ABO