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Everything You Need to Know About the APC

APC Amway Malaysia

The Amway Privileged Customer Programme

First launched on 4 January 2021, the Amway Privileged Customer (APC) Programme is a great part of the Amway experience! As we keep moving forward, get excited about all the new adventures in store, starting with the APC Programme.

If you’ve always wanted to explore more about the wonderful health and wellness products (and more) that Amway has to offer, the APC Programme is the best way to do so. Here are a few things you need to know about it.

How APC works

What’s Great about the APC Programme

Being an APC makes experiencing Amway products that much easier for you. When you sign up as an APC, you get to enjoy several savings & benefits, including:

  • Collecting AMPoints with every Amway product purchase to redeem against future product purchases
  • Monthly promotions 
  • Purchasing up to 3 of each product SKU per day for your own use
  • Shop at any Amway Shops
  • Order online and have the comfort of home delivery
  • New APC Reward Programme eCoupons
    Malaysia: RM20 (No minimum purchase)
    Singapore: S$10/S$10/S$10 (No minimum purchase)
    Brunei: B$10 (No minimum purchase)

What are AMPoints?

We reward our loyal customers! APCs will earn AMPoints (loyalty points) each time they purchase Amway products:

  • Spend 1 RM/B$/S$ = Earn 1 AMPoint
  • Earn 1 AMPoint for every RM1/B$1/S$1 you spend on product purchases.

APCs need to convert their AMPoints to eCoupon before use:

  • For Malaysia & Brunei, minimum 1000 AMPoints = RM5.00 / B$5.00 eCoupon
  • For Singapore, minimum 900 AMPoints = S$5.00 eCoupon

AMPoint Restrictions

  • Not redeemable for purchases at R&J and PhytoCafe, and Delivery or After Sales Service Charges
  • Cannot be converted to Cash and/or Credit Voucher and are non-transferable
  • Will be forfeited once the APC resigns or converts to ABO. AMPoints used cannot be reinstated.

Of course, there are a few stipulations that come with all these great perks.

APC Amway

APC Stipulations

  • A husband and wife can only have one APCship between them
  • Purchase with the intention to resell is not allowed
  • Not allowed to sign up other APCs or ABOs
  • AMPoints collected cannot be transferred to ABO sponsor or another APC, nor can it be converted into Cash or Credit Vouchers

APC How to sign up

Signing Up as an APC

  • You can visit www.amway.my / www.amway.com.bn / www.amway.sg directly to register yourself as an APC by filling in your details and paying the Annual Membership Fee of RM20/B$10/S$10. Be sure to fill in your Amway Business Owner’s ABO number! If you do not know an ABO, Amway will assign one to you.


  • Your can have your ABO send an email invitation link to you.* Once you’ve received the email, click on the link included and register as an APC by filling up your details and paying an Annual Membership Fee of RM20/S$10/B$10.

APC Requirements

APC Eligibility

Everyone (almost) can be an APC, as long as they fit the following criteria:

  • If you are 18 years and above
  • In Malaysia or Brunei, if you are a Citizen/PR/Foreign Resident with Valid Pass or Work Permit in Malaysia or Brunei with a local address.
  • In Singapore, if you are Citizen/PR/Foreign Resident with Legitimate Pass issued by the Government of Singapore with a valid local address.
  • Hold NO ABOship across Malaysia/Brunei/Singapore
  • Hold NO APCship across Malaysia/Brunei/Singapore

For more information, check out this video! 


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