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Amway’s Virtual National Leadership Conference 2021


The evening of Saturday, 7 August 2021, was a buzz with excitement as excited Amway Leaders (Platinums and Above) gathered for the annual Virtual National Leadership Conference 2021 (VNLC). Due to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, the conference was held virtually for the second year, but that did not dampen the enthusiasm of attendees as the live chat was brimming with excitement and positive messages throughout.

In true Amway spirit, Leaders participated and took the effort to send in videos of themselves cheering and applauding prior to the event. These videos were featured throughout the VNLC and gave the event a lively atmosphere despite being a virtual event. As such we’d like to thank and appreciate our Leaders, the wonderful atmosphere of the VNLC 2021 wouldn’t have been possible without them.

Kickstarting the event was a VNLC2021 Dinner-At-Home IG Contest that invited Leaders to capture themselves dressed in their best and having dinner with the hashtag #amwaystartnow and sharing it on Instagram – and our ABOs did not disappoint! Entries poured in with creative concepts and beautiful moments of our Leaders having dinner with their families while tuning in to the VNLC.

At 8pm sharp, the virtual doors opened and the VNLC 2021 started with a bang as the emcee for the evening extended a warm welcome to the Leaders from Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei and a heartwarming acknowledgement of Amway’s top Leaders from Triple Diamond up to Founders Crown Ambassadors.


Doug Devos, Co Chairman and Board of Director of Amway Corporation, and 2nd generation member of the founding family, began with an inspiring message to our leaders and congratulated them for being champions of change and pioneering an entrepreneurial spirit that is at the heart of Amway.


This was followed by a motivating address by Milind Pant, CEO of Amway Global, while Crown Ambassador Celia Wong, who is the Chairwoman of ADAC 2021, shared a few words of gratitude for the contributions and support of the management of Amway Malaysia & Brunei as well as the members of the ADAC.


Start N.O.W. — Nutrilite, Opportunity, Wellness Community

Then Mike Duong, Managing Director of Amway Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei gave the opening speech and introduced this year’s theme – Start N.O.W (Nutrilite, Opportunity, Wellness Community). A fitting theme for the year as it not only motivates as we venture into PY2022 but also encapsulates the upcoming year’s focus on building wellness communities with more health-driven products.


Since two of the focus points for the upcoming year is Nutrilite and Wellness, who better than Dr Sam Rehnborg, President of the Nutrilite Health Insititute and the son of the founder of Nutrilite to share his insights on the importance of nutrition and building wellness communities.

Leaders were delighted to hear firsthand from Dr Rehnborg as he discussed the history of Nutrilite and shared anecdotes of his previous visits to Malaysia as well the impact Nutrilite has made on improving the lives of communities throughout Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei.


The evening continued with insightful updates from the Marketing and Sales teams. In keeping with the upcoming year’s theme of building wellness, exciting products rooted in improving health were announced by Joanne Chong, Head of Marketing. Upcoming Nutrilite and ARTISTRY products to keep a keen eye on include Traditional Complementary Medicine (TCM) Tonics, supplements for eye health, and ARTISTRY’s Skin Nutrition products for mature skin.


Meanwhile on the Sales front, Leong Kok Fong, Chief of Sales and ABO Experience, shared the achievements of the year such as the APC (Amway Privileged Customers) Programme and Core Plus+ Programme. Since its launch at the start of 2021, the number of APCs who have joined reached an amazing 140,000 by June 2021, thus strengthening the ABO and APC force. Additionally, the Core Plus+ Programme continues its successful run by rewarding over 71,682 ABOs with various incentives.

ALS 2022 and DI 2022 Destinations Revealed!

Finally, it was the moment all Leaders were waiting, and the highlight of the evening revealed – the dream destinations for ALS (Amway Leadership Seminar) 2022 and DI (Diamond Invitational) 2022 destination are Istanbul and Santorini & Athens respectively! The Leaders were all smiles and cheers at the announcement with the live chat going wild with excitement.

Best of all, with the recently introduced ALS Special Incentive, ALS Points earned in August 2021 will also be counted towards the PY2022 ALS, giving Leaders a leg up with additional time to gain more ALS points for the upcoming performance year. So, in keeping with the year’s theme, there is no better time than to Start N.O.W!