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ARTISTRY STUDIO™ SKIN Officially Launches with Teen Studio Carnival

Glow Up! Have Selfie-Ready Skin! #IAmGenGlow

On 5 March 2023, over 2,000 Leaders and ABOs gathered at Plaza Arkadia in Kuala Lumpur to celebrate the launch of ARTISTRY STUDIO™ SKIN, Teen Studio Carnival, ARTISTRY's first major beauty event of the year. The day was filled with carnival events, an exclusive Diamond session, and stage programmes to commemorate the release of the long-awaited skincare range.

ARTISTRY STUDIO™ SKIN is an all-new range of skincare products consisting of 7 products that are specially formulated for young skin. For teenagers, skincare routines can get overwhelming. At ARTISTRY, we want to make the experience fun with vibrant packaging and refreshing scents, so teenagers are excited about skincare!

Read on for more exciting photos (including drone shots) and videos!

One of the most exciting events of the day was the first-ever ARTISTRY Pop-Up Store, where attendees could purchase ARTISTRY STUDIO™ SKIN products and receive a GWP Bear Keychain or an exclusive ARTISTRY Smartphone Grip. There were also Fun Passes available for attendees, which included treats like cotton candy, popcorn and XS Energy Drinks. Popcorn and XS Energy Drinks were given out through the windows of an adorable ARTISTRY-branded Kombi van.

No carnival is complete without a balloon clown and ARTISTRY Balloon Station was crowded with teenagers getting their hands on ARTISTRY-branded balloons and balloon animals. In line with the target market (Gen Z) and to leverage on the power of User-Generated Contents (UGCs), the event included a TikTok corner (for TikTokers), and multiple photo booths (for Instagrammers to take fun photos).

As the sun set, the ARTISTRY STUDIO™ SKIN range illuminated the stage with bright neon lights, and the event host, Lanny from HITZ Sarawak, kicked off the stage programmes. The crowd was treated to the first public unveiling of the I Am Gen Glow Official Music Video.

The event started off with a rousing opening speech by Managing Director of Amway Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, Mike Duong, reminding ABOs once again that the Amway business has never been stronger and will continue to grow with ARTISTRY STUDIO™ SKIN as this range targets a new demographics, helping our ABOs to further expand their business.

After the speech, a testimonial video from seven teenage panelists, who were later invited on stage for a Q&A session. Head of Marketing and Communications, Joanne Chong, gave a speech about the new range, along with a sneak peek of the upcoming product launch, ARTISTRY SKIN NUTRITION Multi-Defense UV Protect SPF50+ / PA++++.

The stage was then lit with colorful neon lights and confetti, marking the launch of the event. Popular teenage content creators, Nyokki and Alyssa, graced the Teen Studio Carnival stage and danced to the I Am Gen Glow theme song. Fans were also treated to a meet and greet session with the content creators. To end the night, popular local DJ Ashley took the stage, playing remixes of popular and viral songs, as attendees danced their night away.

The event showcased the range’s unique features and the exciting opportunities it brings for ABOs to expand their business. Learn more about the ARTISTRY STUDIO™ SKIN range by visiting https://www.amway.my/artistrystudioskin