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g&h Day: A Celebration of Plant-Based Goodness

Eager to learn from the best, Amway Business Owners (ABOs) and body care enthusiasts alike flocked to the Brand Experience Center (BEC) at Amway HQ, Petaling Jaya, for g&h Day.


Joining the company’s Personal Care experts, event guests explored the new g&h series which consists of four ranges – g&h Nourish, g&h Refresh, g&h Protect and g&h Baby. This sustainable body care collection is suitable for all skin types, featuring traceable plant-based ingredients that are certified vegan and free from harmful chemical additives.


Designed to nourish, comfort and maintain healthy-looking skin, g&h Nourish is perfect for those who take great care of their appearance. Its products moisturise and soften dry rough skin with its comforting blend of Bamboo Complex Water, Olive Oil-Derived Ceramide and White Chia Seed Oil.

Then there’s g&h Refresh, made to refresh and hydrate the skin for those with an active lifestyle. Skin feels wonderfully revitalised and energised thanks to its formulation of Bamboo Complex Water, Olive Oil-Derived Ceramide and Nutrilite-grown Green Acerola Cherry.

Purifying and deodorising, g&h Protect is great for outdoor enthusiasts and those who are always on the move. It removes impurities and neutralises odours for lasting freshness with Cica Complex Water, Rosemary and Nutrilite-approved Green Tea Extract for clean and healthy skin.

Finally, g&h Baby marks a first for Amway, with the ever so gentle 2-in-1 Baby Wash & Shampoo and the Baby Lotion both infused with Calendula Complex Water, Olive Oil-Derived Ceramide and Camomile Essential Oil for your little one’s delicate skin and hair.


As a special treat, 3 Diamond guest speakers were lined up for exciting sharing sessions, in which they shared their valuable retailing tips, insightful personal experiences and their opinion on why customers (new and returning) will love the upgraded g&h series.


First up was Diamond Prema S Muniandy, a former biochemist who has always prioritised the purity and safety of ingredients in personal care products. Having used the g&h series for decades, she is delighted to continue to share its scientific advancements with her customers, and highlights the importance of allowing them to experience for themselves the efficacy and sensorial pleasures of the products.


Similarly, Diamond Nurathirah Hanim Mohd Arif is also a product of the product – in fact, she loves g&h products so much that she frequently gifts them to her friends and family, even going so far as to pack them as wedding favours and bridesmaid gifts. Her generosity proved rewarding as those who received her gifts then posted them on social media and tagged her, boosting her online presence and subsequent sales.


Last but not least, the elegant Diamond Tan Siew Tong revealed g&h to be one of the secrets behind her successful 28 years with Amway as well as her remarkable beauty. Even in her 60s, her flawless skin remains free from dark spots and pigmentation. Knowing the long-term importance of phytonutrients for overall health, she now looks forward to helping others discover their benefits in body care too.


It was truly an exciting afternoon of awesome activities for guests of all ages. Customers were indulged with soothing hand pampering sessions, a most welcome and blissful way to relax in the middle of a busy day. In addition, the educational Know Your Skin sessions highlighted the importance of identifying one’s skin type and understanding its specific needs for soft and healthy skin always.

The youngest attendees were not to be left out, either, with colouring activities for kids as well as enjoyable fun and games brightening up the event. All in all, happy – and skin-healthy – memories for everyone.