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The Iconic Nutrilite DOUBLE X Just Got Even Better! Thousands Cheer During the Rallies

We’re roaring back! After a long 3-year break caused by the pandemic, we were able to host a physical rally once again. Over 2,000 ABOs attended the final leg of the Improved Formula Nutrilite DOUBLE X Rally held at Sunway Pyramid Convention Center, with Diamond Leaders invited to an exclusive DOUBLE X Experiential Session before the commencement of the rally. It was a motivational and memorable event for all.

We were honoured to have the brains behind the Improved Formula Nutrilite DOUBLE X, Principal Research Scientist, Jennifer Dang and Botanical Research Scientist, Chris Lenderink, with us at the rally. The opportunity for ABOs to meet and interact with them can only be described as inspiring. To hear it directly from the people behind this revolutionary product helps fuel the drive in everyone.

Before the event started, ABOs got to share their excitement for the Improved Formula Nutrilite DOUBLE X to their social media followers as they snapped away with the funducational (fun + educational) and interactive Nutrilite booths erected outside the main event’s hall.

As always, no Amway event would be complete without the presence of Amway Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei Managing Director, Mike Doung who kicked the rally off with a rousing welcoming speech, which set the tone for the rest of this great rally.

“As one of the leading health and wellness companies backed by a legacy of science and research, we hope that the launch of the Improved Formula Nutrilite™ DOUBLE X™ can address Malaysians’ needs in living a healthy, balanced life. With this improved formulation, Amway envisions that the improved Nutrilite™ DOUBLE X™ will continue to support our growing number of ABOs in Malaysia, while also meeting the ever-changing nutrition needs of our customers,” said Mike Duong.

Mike was joined on stage by our panel of Nutrilite Scientists and Head of Marketing and Communications, Joanne Chong for the official launch of the Improved Formula DOUBLE X. To give our ABOs a greater context and understanding, our panel of Nutrilite Scientists went into a deep dive on what makes the reformulated Nutrilite DOUBLE X necessary and special, and how it will continue to benefit all of us.

With the physical event at fever pitch, Joanne gave her speech and shared interesting insights to the crowd of enthusiastic ABOs who were eager to order and get their hands on the Improved Formula Nutrilite DOUBLE X for their customers, family, friends, and of course, themselves.

“While eating a variety of fruits and vegetables from across the colour spectrum is the best way to support health, it’s not always easy to accomplish. As such, dietary supplements can help fill the nutrient gaps,” said Joanne Chong.

Before the end of the rally, the ABOs in attendance continued to party and play hard in the exciting fun games planned, marking yet another entertaining and informative physical rally where everyone enjoyed life together once again. Excitement for what Nutrilite has in store in the future, especially with the Improved Formula Nutrilite DOUBLE X, filled not only every corner of the physical rally, but also everyone’s heart, mind and spirit.