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Address People's Doubts: The First Step Towards Open Communication


Ever sent some educational infographics or short videos to your group chats, only to get some 'likes' from your friends without any further enquiries from them?

You know for sure that some of your friends have been mulling over the idea of starting their own business, but why do they seem uninterested when you want to start that topic of conversation with them?

Despite trying your best not to appear to be too 'hard sell', the other party seems to get defensive when you talk to them. Why is that so?

If you are facing this dilemma, it's time to find out what worries them. You need to clear their doubts before you can engage them in a heart-to-heart talk.

Clear Doubts To Clear The Path For Open Communication

  • Can I trust this person?
  • Is the product quality reliable?
  • Does it make sense?
  • Is it worth my time?

Chances are, the new prospect in your group chat have these 4 questions in mind. They adopt a wait-and-see attitude because they barely know anything about your business plan and the product benefits. So, start by clearing their doubts before attempting to establish a path for open communication to get better results.

Did you know that these are likely some of your customers' favourite keywords?

  • Start as a part timer
  • After sales service with money back guarantee
  • Balancing life and family
  • Low risk
  • Flexible
  • Earn extra income
  • Improved lifestyle
  • Personal growth
  • Equal opportunity
  • Safety & eco-friendliness


Be Truthful When Clearing Doubts

For prospects who are unfamiliar with the Amway business, it's very important to choose the right topic of conversation. In terms of products, they are likely to ask, "What's the difference between Amway and the brand I’m currently using? Are they safe? What are the benefits?"

In terms of business opportunity, they may ask, "Can I earn money with Amway? What if I don’t have much time or few contacts?"

It’s natural. Everyone has doubts when it comes to starting something new. So how do you clear your customers' doubts? You do so by delivering information in a truthful manner.

Remember, your mission is to provide your customers with a better lifestyle and product experience. You can't build trust with false or untruthful information. Being truthful is a prerequisite for mutual communication.

Definite No-Nos In Communication

1. Business opportunity

  • Disparage other professions. Disapprove the current lifestyle of your prospects. Eagerly persuade others into giving up/changing their undertaking/lifestyle.
  • Overdramatise the Amway business and its leaders' achievements.
  • Only talk about success without mentioning the challenges.
  • Emphasise that Amway 'can make big money' from the very beginning.

2. Product introduction

  • Exaggerate or overclaim product benefits.
  • Use Amway jargons.
  • Bad-mouthing other brands to make your products appear superior.
  • Empty talk without concrete data or example to support.

Do you now see why it’s easier to communicate after clearing someone's doubts? So, go ahead, be more honest and take the initiative. You're sure to see more notable results soon. Remember to put this into practice!