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Core Plus+ Complements The Core Plan

With Core Plus+, you can earn multiple incentives in PY21 (September 2020 to August 2021). Read on for some facts to help you navigate the rewards, so you can start off strong and stay on track!  

The Amway Core Plus Discretionary Incentives programme is a global programme designed to complement the Amway ABO Compensation Plan (the Core Plan). With Core Plus+, ABOs at all levels can be rewarded for building profitable, sustainable structures. Aim for these key achievements to make the most of the plan.

1. Core Plus+ is the new discretionary incentives programme from Amway.

Core Plus+ incentives complement the Amway Sales and Marketing Plan by rewarding best practices in building a strong, sustainable business. You can start earning Core Plus+ rewards from your first sale, and incentives can keep growing as your business does.

Core Plus is based on ABO feedback.jpg

2. Core Plus+ is based on ABO feedback.

While designing Core Plus+, Amway consulted with ABO leaders worldwide to ensure the Amway opportunity remains competitive and meets your expectations.

3. Core Plus+ aligns with the Core Plan.

Both Core Plus+ and the Core Plan reward you for following tried and tested business-building practices. These include serving customers and establishing a healthy business structure. Most Core Plus+ incentive payments are based on Core Plan achievements.

New income opportunities for new ABOs.jpg

4. Core Plus+ invests more money in your earnings.

With the support of the founding families, Core Plus+ demonstrates Amway’s commitment to investing even more in your compensation. How? By offering new income opportunities for new ABOs, while continuing to offer premium leader incentives.

5. Core Plus+ offers you greater rewards, earlier.

No matter your level, Core Plus+ keeps you engaged and inspired to grow by:

  • Rewarding you for serving customers and building a team.
  • Recognising you sooner for sustainable selling and business-building activities.
  • Preserving leader income and equity with premium compensation opportunities.

6. Core Plus+ lets leaders earn more.

Silver Producers and above can boost their earnings from Core Plus+ and the Core Plan by achieving lasting growth and balancing their business width and depth. Core Plus+ helps Platinums grow to and maintain Founders qualification, which can enable leaders to earn more through Global Award Recognition (GAR) and Founders Achievement Award (FAA).

7. Core Plus+ taps into Ruby Volume.

Ruby Volume can help you earn more. More Ruby Volume can mean:

  • Larger Leadership Bonuses on qualified legs. Maximise Leadership Bonuses on downline qualified Legs.
  • More income from Differential Performance Bonus on non-qualified legs.
  • Opportunity for future frontline qualified legs.
  • Extra Core Plus+ incentive earnings.

Core Plus Digital Business tools.jpg

8. Core Plus+ comes with Core Plus+ Digital Business tools

Track your progress and earnings from Core Plus+ on your digital dashboard. It shows, for example, estimated earnings based on your business activity and overview of the ABOs in your group, along with a line of sponsorship (LOS) map.

You can start using your Core Plus+ dashboard now. Find more information on the dashboard in Amway’s website > Business Center > Core Plus

Make PY21 Your Best Year Yet

With the Core Plus+ incentive programme to profit from, PY21 is loaded with earning potential as you build a healthy, sustainable business. Take a moment to familiarise yourself with the different rewards, then set your yearly business goals. You can do it!