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Turning Passion Into Business

Social selling is all about mixing your lifestyle, advice and personal information with products that you genuinely love, to form quality content. By describing how an Omega 3 supplement makes you feel better, showing how ARTISTRY SIGNATURE SELECT Masks help improved your skin or demonstrating how quickly and easily the ARTISTRY STUDIO Bangkok Edition Eye Shadows can be applied, you instantly make your audience more interested in these products.

Not surprisingly, your audience is more likely to believe in a product’s worth because you have developed a trusting relationship with them. If you’re in love with Amway products and are enthusiastic about promoting them to consumers via social media, we’ve got a few tips to get you started.

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General social media tips:

  1. Share what you really know about and are interested in
  2. Be real – people know if you’re not being genuine – and they are much more interested in your genuine lifestyle as inspiration
  3. Show content from your group – they demonstrate the Amway community; it can also help improve relationships and motivate your peers
  4. Determine the best timing for your posts to achieve optimum engagement – for example, in the evening when people return from work

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Top Facebook tips:

  1. Know your target audience – be aware of who you are targeting so you can customise your content
  2. Join relevant groups and be an active member
  3. Post photos and content regularly
  4. Respond quickly to comments – whether negative or positive
  5. Provide content in your posts, not just a photo or a link – including keywords makes your profile more likely to appear on Google or other search engines
  6. Pay attention to your profile picture and cover photo – when it comes to social media, people often do judge a book by its cover – so make it enticing!
  7. Repost Instagram posts to Facebook to easily keep your Facebook profile updated

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Top Instagram tips:

  1. Utilise Instagram TV, stories, posts, boomerang, filters, emojis, and mix up content and format to keep it interesting
  2. Post stories every day (even if it’s you brushing your teeth – using Glister, of course!) so that your audience knows you are there and they remain engaged
  3. Use 7–10 hashtags, mixing between official Amway hashtags and those on topics relevant to the post
  4. Have fun with your content but keep it professional – make people smile and laugh and they will be more likely to return to your profile
  5. Use high-quality pictures and videos – focus on lighting, framing and resolution
  6. Build relationships to grow your followers base
  7. Stay on top of the latest filters and features and use them in your stories and posts

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