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Healthy gifting ideas for the kitchen and beyond

Health is wealth, as the saying goes, and one of the best ways to express your love for those nearest and dearest to you is by constantly looking out for their health and wellbeing. After all, what could be better than gifting a loved one something that they will use every day, and reminding them each time they do so of just how much you care about them?

This festive season, give the gift of good health for years to come. Let’s explore Amway’s vast range of home essentials, luxurious restful must-haves and so much more.

For easy healthy meals

The key to sustainable healthy eating  is to encourage home cooking by choosing appliances that offer convenience and simplicity. Consider a high speed blender to speed up food preparation, a low sugar rice cooker that comes with multiple cooking programs, a digital airfryer with preset menus, a breadmaker that can also be used as an oven and a toaster, as well as a multi-level food steamer that’s super simple to use. Who wouldn’t be excited to play chef?


We recommend:

Philips High Speed Blender 7000 Series HR3760

Noxxa Low Sugar Rice Cooker

Philips Premium Digital Airfryer HD9741

Noxxa BreadMaker Oven Toaster

Noxxa Food Steamer

For a clean, healthy home

Your family and friends would be hard pressed to find something that simplifies home cleaning quite like a robot vacuum cleaner that vacuums, sweeps and mops the floors for you. And with all that taken care of, they’re then free to iron their nicest holiday season party outfits – best done with a highly advanced self-adjusting steam generator iron that takes the guesswork out of temperature control for wrinkle-free garments in a jiffy.


We recommend:

Philips Wet & Dry Robot Vacuum Cleaner 6000 Series

Philips PerfectCare Steam Generator Iron pSG6064

For healthy rest and rejuvenation

Quality rest on a daily basis is vital in order to allow the body to repair itself. Why not lull your loved ones into blissful restoration? Start with a luxurious massage chair complete with a humanised touch, full-body stretching, soothing rocking motion and reflexology with 100% sole coverage for top to toe care; and then send them off to Dreamland with a sophisticated mattress and headboard divan set designed for superior spinal support.


We recommend:

Gintell StarWay Massage Chair

Dreamland Chiromax Wellness Mattress

Dreamland Chiromax Wellness Headboard Divan Set

For healthy exercise

Did you know that walking is highly recommended by doctors for daily exercise and disease prevention? Get your loved ones walking their way to a healthier lifestyle with a great walking pad. Choose one that quickly folds up for easy storage, comes with 180° to prevent injuries and cushioning technology to absorb impact for joint protection, and allows you to connect to a virtual exercise environment where you can exercise with your friends because the more the merrier.


We recommend:

Gintell Walking Pad

For healthy snacking

Far from being an unhealthy habit, snacking can help provide quick boosts of energy and nourishment, so long as the snacks are made of healthy ingredients like nuts and grains. You can also go for snacks prepared using healthier methods such as baking instead of deep frying.


We recommend:

Vergold Roasted Mixed Nuts (25g x 8)

Vergold Baked Multigrain Rice Crackers (Teriyaki) (90g)

Vergold Baked Multigrain Rice Crackers (Tom Yum) (90g)

And as part of a healthy balanced lifestyle with everything in moderation…

Don’t forget those occasional well-deserved treats:


Vergold Assorted Mochi (900g)

Vergold All-Time Favourite Cookies Gift Set (150g x 2)

Vergold Prawn Rolls (190g)

Delicious feasting options:


Skylight Braised Amidori Abalone with Superior Sauce (420g)

Vergold Abalone Sauce (500g)

Vergold Chicken & Scallop Sauce (500g)

And tantalising thirst-quenchers:


Vergold Fruit Drink Base (Orange/Mango/Pink Guava/Pomegranate With Grape) (1L)

Vergold Drip Coffee (Medium & Dark Roasted) (20 sachets)

Vergold Hazelnut Latte (19g x 12 sachets)

Vergold Organic Green Tea (2g x 25)

Shop for all these products and more at Amway.my today – happy holidays!